Are Colleges More Business Minded Than Impacting Knowledge?

Are Colleges More Business Minded Than Impacting Knowledge?

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Are Colleges More Business Minded Than Impacting Knowledge?

A college has been broadly defined as an organization, establishment or mini world that provides specialized training and “higher quality of education.”

Unfortunately, many so-called colleges negate this definition. This because during my days as a student, going to college used to mean something. It meant the ability as a student to attain good grades through hard work, focus, and perseverance and not because a student grade is influenced for some monetary motive.

Though some colleges and universities are still bent on producing quality students, others are more interested in sourcing funds than in actually impacting knowledge to students. I know this, having worked as a faculty in some of these colleges.

You would, in some cases hear the head of your department unit indirectly tell you to ensure that your students are getting the “right grades” so that these students are encouraged to enroll in the courses offered by the department in subsequent semesters. And yes, doing that would also encourage students to spread the word on what a good teacher you are so that their friends can also enroll for your class.

Keep in mind that you are not a great teacher because you are bent on impacting knowledge to these students, NO! but it is because you freely give out good grades to students whether they are deserving of it or not.

I understand that colleges need funds, as a result of student enrollment, to pay for it’s running cost, in addition to other things like doing research. But does it not defeat the purpose of what colleges are for if so much emphasis is placed on graduating students whether they deserve it or not?

And this attitude by some colleges seems to be encouraging some students to act in a very inappropriate manner. Some of them don’t read and just want to attend class hoping to get an A grade. And when they don’t get these grades, they begin to harass professors with threats of them dropping out of the course.

And when this happens, you can expect yourself to be out of a course to teach. Or in other words, possibly out of a job. This is because the school will then inform you of the unavailability of a course due to poor student enrollment.

This is a habit that needs to be dealt for many reasons including the fact that some colleges will now start churning out half baked students that look good only on paper, without the necessary skills needed to excel in the field in society. Could this not be likened to destroying the reputation of the college from where such students attained their degree from? Who knows, maybe or maybe not, just saying.

Anyway, one can really not blame these schools because they need these students to rank as you would find is one of the ranking criteria: first-year student retention, graduation rates and the strength of the faculty.

These colleges need the ranking to get certain benefits such as more grant funds. Parents and folks also use these ranking to decide where to live and send their kids to college---another avenue for funds.

What a predicament! So, is there a way out of the situation where colleges could focus on graduating quality college students while being able to stay afloat? This is tough unless a metric system is designed that can help rank the quality of students produced from these colleges so that more grant funds could be allocated to these colleges. Until this can be done, some colleges would continue to place money over the quality of education, to the detriment of society. 

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