Arguments Against Plastic Bags Ban

Plastic Bags are recognized as harmful agents, causing negative impacts on the environment. Banning plastic bags may come across a potent solution at first, but it can cause severe repercussions on consumers. Also, plastic bags alternatives aren’t any better.

I’m a writer by profession, and I love to blog about current topics. As an environmental activist, I encourage green living. I would like to share my opinions on banning plastic bags in today’s post.

As opposed to the popular belief, plastic bags are a healthier alternative to paper or cotton substitutes. Apparently, the paper takes up more space in debris and has a slower disintegration rate. In contrast, plastics have revealed a better carbon footprint, so they cause less tension on the environment than its substitutes.

Studies have shown that reusable bags are not hygienic, and they have proven to give rise to germs and bacteria in warmer places. When you use recycled bags to accommodate grocery items, the bacteria could spread to your food, causing serious health issues. Cleaning these bags can be a possible remedy, but it would drain your time and money. As per the reports, the cost of sanitizing bags can tantamount to $1.5 billion for California residents.

If plastics are not allowed to be used for free, consumers seek other forms of plastic bags to accommodate their goods. So banning plastics bags doesn’t end the problem; it simply displaces it. Put simply, in the absence of traditional plastic bags, people switch to replacement bags, which have higher risks of environmental hazards.

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