Informed by his medical training, he blends #photography and paper #sculpture in his unique self-portraits. #arts

On 4/8/16, Nate will launch his first solo show.

25Cloaked In Fratres Forever26 x 4027

I am utterly taken by Nate's intricately detailed work. His portraits - often self-portraits - are enhanced by the fine detailing he subsequently does on the photo paper. He cuts and textures them with the precision of a surgeon, as a way of exploring how the body's inner workings are impacted and sometimes transformed by the complex emotional terrain between patients, family members and others in their medical care universe.

The photo print above was inspired by the Arvo Parts song,

Listen here:

Here's the text from Nate's own invitation to his upcoming show at Washington, DC's Morton Fine Art gallery:

Biological Tapestries 1st Movement. Nate's first Solo Exhibition. April 8th - April 27tth
Please join me for the opening reception Friday April, 8th from 6-8pm.
95Biological Tapestries is a visual reflection of the competing elements of genetics

For more info on Nate Lewis and his upcoming show:
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