These Objects Are Yet To Be Found In Space

Universe is unlimited. It is far beyond our imagination and limits. Millions of Galaxies and millions of stars, so much to discover and found. But yet we are trying our best. These following hypothetical objects are still yet to be found in space. 

White Holes

White holes are the opposite of black holes. They continuously spit matter outside. The theory is that black holes and white holes can create a worm hole. One side of this hole connects with our galaxy but where do the other end connects. It is a hypothesis that if we enter in a black hole (If we can manage to live) in our galaxy traveling through worm hole we might end up in a different galaxy through a white hole. In this manner we might have been able to travel through galaxies. Isn't that magnificent. 

Worm Holes

Worm Holes are passages that connect two different points in space time. By using the we might not only travel through galaxies but also we may travel through time.

Dyson Sphere

Artificial object made by advanced civilization to utilize maximum power from their parent star. 

Ocean Planet 

Ocean planets are planets believed to be completely covered by oceans. Water is source of life. Now think what kind of sea creatures that might live in that planet. Do you still consider yourself alone in this whole universe.

Quark Stars

An extreme case of a neutron star where all neutrons are broken down into quarks.

Grey Holes

Ultra-compact stars made up of exotic matter.

Cosmic Strings

Cosmic strings are the defect formed in our Universe when it was cooling rapidly after the Big Bang (similar to cracks in ice when water freezes). A 1 km strings would be more massive than earth. Cosmic strings could allow for past time travel.


P.S: These photos do not reflect the actual sight of the objects, these are only creation of imagination. Also these information's are only hypothesis. 

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