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This gorilla is dancing like it's never danced before....we love the spirit on display! 💃

A "splash-dance" star ⭐️ is born

People, this is pure joy! In a new must-watch-must-share video, a mature gorilla shows boundless enthusiasm for bath time. 

Image of a gorilla, a lot less amped than the one you're about to see at bath time: Shutterstock

A video producer has helpfully set the gorilla's splashy impromptu and expressionistic performance to the Flashdance tune "She's A Maniac".  

Image: video screen grab

Dance, lovely creature, dance! Your star is on a trajectory that's out of this world...


Let these mini-flamencas stomp into your heart

In flamenco -- the passionate folkloric Spanish art form of dance, song and music -- attitude is everything.  These three sassy young bailaoras, or flamenco dancers, prove that in Madrid attitude starts early.

Images: screengrabs of the video

In a video that's going viral, the 8-to-10-year-old students of the prestigious La Truco dance school in Madrid are stomping and clapping and posturing their way into the hearts of millions. Watch it here:

Your average goth rave-dance off in the park

Look at how these two cyber goths greet each other at a park in Mexico City. Death to all posers! 😎🕺🏼💀💀💀😂

Image of a goth: Shutterstock

Pole dancers set to invade Atlanta this June

Pole dancers out there, are you getting excited for PoleCon in Atlanta?

These are some of the teachers and workshops you can expect at the International Pole Convention, June 1-4. With workshops called "99 Ways To Twerk", it's going to be BANANAS.

Bieber boosts the #1 crossover Spanish tune & dance sensation

The last time a Spanish crossover song and dance sensation took America by storm was 20 years ago, with a little song called the Macarena. Today an energetic dance remix of the Spanish mega hit 'Despacito' hit the No. 1 music spot in the US and it's far better than the Macarena! People are living for this sexy smooth number. 

There's a choreography for it too, that goes a little like this:

We're stirred by this spontaneous ballet

"Rima, dance! You know you want to. I'm recording it."

A young Palestinian tourist watches a street musician play violin.

Spurred on by her proud father, watch what the dancer did next.

As Stirred Up says about this wonderful video taken during a recent summer in Trieste Italy, it's an art attack! 🎼