Dibyendu Roy Chowdhury


Dibyendu Roy Chowdhury

Government Shuts Down After Senate Fails To Pass New Budget

The federal government shut down on Friday at midnight after Congress failed to agree on a new budget.

Despite last minute bipartisan meetings over cheeseburgers, the bill to fund the government until 16 February failed to receive the required 60 votes.

This is the first government shutdown ever to happen while the Republicans have been controlling the Congress and the White House. This is also the fourth shutdown in a quarter of a century.

The White House immediately took to Twitter, blaming the D…

Tourists In Jamaica's Montego Bay Warned To 'Stay In Resorts'

British and Canadian tourists have been warned to stay inside their resorts in Montego Bay, Jamaica, following a state of emergency.

Jamaican Prime Minister Andrew Holness has declared a state of emergency on Thursday and deployed forces to handle the rising violence and shootings in the tourist hotspot.

"I have been advised by the security forces, in writing, that the level of criminal activity experienced, continued and threatened, is of such a nature and so extensive in scale as to endanger pub…

Michael Wolff: Trump Is Having An Extramarital Affair

Another day, another “alleged” truth about President Donald Trump…

Author Michael Wolff has suggested in an interview with Bill Maher on Friday that President Trump is currently having an extramarital affair.

Wolff told the “Real Time” host he was "absolutely sure of" Trump’s affair in the White House but he didn't have the "ultimate proof.”

When asked whether “Fire and Fury” has a chapter that the press hasn’t questioned yet, Wolff told the late-show host that there is, "but I can't tell you what …

Pope Shocks Chile By Accusing Sex Abuse Victims Of Slander

Pope Francis always manages to strike a chord with his followers. He recently shocked Chile by accusing sexual assault victims of slandering.

He went to Chile to heal the wounds of victims who suffered sexual abuse by priests in the country. Instead, he ended up adding fire to the criticism the Catholic Church had received in the country.

The Pope said he needed to see proof that Bishop Juan Barros attempted to cover up sex crimes of the Reverend Fernando Karadima, labeling the accusations “all ca…

New $500 Blood Test Detects Cancers In Up To 98% Of Patients

A new blood test has shown promise towards detecting eight common cancers with up to 98 percent accuracy in patients without any symptoms, a new study suggested.

The breakthrough test — called CancerSEEK — will enable doctors to identify cancer before it spreads throughout the body.

Further study is still required before testing patients. The tests are estimated to cost less than $500 per batch, reported the study by a team of researchers at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.

“This test represe…

More Details Emerge from the House of Horrors

It seems the harrowing stories of California’s “horror house” won’t stop coming.

The parents of 13 siblings malnourished and chained to their beds were officially charged with 38 offenses, including torture and a lewd act, prosecutors revealed in a press conference on Thursday.

David and Louise Turpin are still behind bars and awaiting their first court appearance after being arrested at home in Perris, about 113 km east of Los Angeles, when one of their children escaped and called 911 on Sunday.