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With the surprise windfall her cornrows became $$$ Peruvian extensions. Now she's in hiding 🍑

Poor student lives the high life after a whopping $1M financial aid snafu

Once upon a time, a poor accounting student woke up to $1,080,000 in her bank account. Soon, her simple cornrow hairstyle transformed to luxurious Peruvian extensions and her modest clothes were replaced by designer dresses. The student began throwing lavish parties with decadent cakes and top-shelf liquor, and treating her friends to expensive gifts and plane tickets around the country.

This Cinderella-style fairytale is the real-life story of Sibongile Mani, a student at Walter Sisulu Universit…

Walking in unfastened platforms is a recipe for disaster but Gigi survived 🍑

Smooth recovery! Gigi Hadid loses shoe at NYFW and keeps on walking

During Anna Sui's New York Fashion Week show last Monday, Gigi Hadid put the "super" in supermodel when she recovered from near-disaster on the catwalk.

On her stroll down the runway, the 22-year-old fashion star lost her platform heel, but continued to strut as if nothing had gone wrong. One of her shoes wasn't secured properly during the backstage rush, leaving her to improvise with the grace and composure of a seasoned professional.

For the finale walk, Hadid held onto her sister and fellow mo…

A scary story about the former number one star on PornHub 🍑

'You can't scare me': Porn star Mia Khalifa reveals ISIS threat to behead her

When Mia Khalifa filmed a pornographic video while wearing a Muslim hijab, not everyone approved.

Her Christian parents were “less than pleased to say the least,” the Lebanese-American told reporters. The porn also prompted criticism from newspapers in Lebanon, where Mia lived until she was 10 years old. According to the 24-year-old former PornHub star, the video also sparked a flood of online comments calling her a disgrace to her country. As Mia told reporters from The Washington Post, she rece…

Try out free sex toys, then tell this employer what you think? Deadline to apply 🍑

Best job ever? This company wants to pay you to orgasm

We all have to make a living. Money is the thing we use to pay our rent, keep ourselves fed, and placate the student loan debt Sarlacc by throwing a bunch of dollars into its bottomless maw.

That means we all have to work at our respective jobs, and it's a fact of life that some of those jobs are going to be sucky and soul killing. If you’re actively looking for something less sucky, I’d like to suggest the best job ever: for £28K — about $35K — a year, you could try out free sex toys and then le…

Dust in curious places can't stop Burner Girls '17

What do you think of Burning Man, which ended today in the Nevada desert? Every year we think we're going to go and become trapeze artists in fishnets and a top hat, and then we remember the dust. It's dusty in Black Rock City, besides being 115 degrees.

Here are some Burner Girls of 2017 who braved the dust in curious places to bring us these scenes. 

Image: on Twitter, Vanity Fair

Louise Linton thinks someone else is out of touch 🍑

Mnuchin's wife has angry fit on Instagram over this comment

Word of advice: If someone lashes out at you online, be the bigger person and walk away from the keyboard. That’s perhaps some advice that Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin’s wife, Louise Linton, could have used recently.

After posting a picture of her getting off a government plane dressed head-to-toe in designer clothing, she made a point of hashtagging the fact that her clothes were top of the range too! She used #rolandmouret, #tomford, #hermesscarf, and #valnetinorockstudheels when posting.