Top 100 of 2015: 70-61

#70) "I Bet My Life" by Imagine Dragons

What's up?

Hello, guys) How are you? What's on your mind now? I hope, the best things ❤
I can't stop dancing and singing from my favorite Imagine Dragons 🎶🎤❤🙌
The concert 22.01.2016 Smoke and Mirrors tour was amazing 🙌❤💫🎆🌟🎤🎶❤ They told, that they will back soon!!!) I'm in love with "The Fall") It's perfect ❤🎶

Bu hikaye özeldir

Wayne Sermon on coping with fame

Plus, bringing it every night!

On the whirlwind of interviews, tours, and late-night shows, he jokes about "starting to crack a little bit" from the grind.

"It has been three, almost four years and I think the longest I've been in one place, in my house, has been two weeks. We still have Eastern Europe to do in 2016 before we are done with the 'Night Visions' tour."

Give back. Change Lives.

One of the best qualities this band has is their ability to make time for the things that matter in this life; Giving back to those who are in need. Click the link below to find out how you can get involved and help out.