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In last 5 years, fewer homeowners bought flood insurance, lenders aren't requiring it either 🐳

Americans living in flood zones who never bought insurance will pay a big price

When it comes to insurance, certain things should be obvious. If you reside in a place prone to tornados then you should get tornado insurance, if you live on the West Coast, then you should invest in earthquake insurance. Basically, if you live in a place where disaster could strike, then you should buy insurance to protect your home from it.

Unfortunately, even though this seems obvious, when it comes to insurance, people are often hesitant to buy the policies that they need, and according to a…

Cloud seeding is just one weather modification in climatic warfare 🐳

How climate warfare, increased toxins and extreme weather are connected

Clearly something abnormal is going on in our skies. The U.S. Air Force has created Air Force 2025, a report that details how to add weather warfare to its arsenal eight years in our future. The study says it was created at the request of the chief of staff of the Air Force "to examine the concepts, capabilities, and technologies the United States will require to remain the dominant air and space force in the future."

However, many sources, including Julian Assuage, report that along with China,…

Evacuation of Florida by air & sea, plus a plea from St John: "Don't forget us."

As you probably have know, the Governor of Florida has called for a mandatory evacuation of more than 5 million residents in the state ahead of the Category 5 Hurricane Irma making landfall. He also said that 20 million residents should be prepared to evacuate. 

That's a lot of people and the exodus has started, by land, air and sea. Traffic is clogging evacuation routes. Take a look at these snapshots of radar of boats and flights leaving the region shared by Cameron Sinclair of Airbnb


Use reef friendly sunscreen--made with titanium oxide or zinc oxide instead of oxybenzone 🐳

Shocking study: Sunscreen could be killing off the world’s coral reefs

Every piece of skin care advice includes the following recommendation: wear sunscreen. Whether you plan on being in the sun for five minutes or five hours, we are told to slather up and protect ourselves from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

While we may be saving ourselves from cancer and other skin concerns, we’re also doing some significant harm to the environment. A 2015 study found that oxybenzone, a chemical compound in many non-mineral sunscreens, is causing major damage to coral reefs.

As expect…

We live on an unknown planet now as Irma sets off earthquake detectors

Not good. This superstorm --now hurtling toward Florida and the Atlantic coast with landfall projected on the weekend -- is titanic and may be a watershed event.

Image: screen grab of National Hurricane Center video

Irma's wind speeds are breaking records and setting off earthquake detectors.

"I am at a complete and utter loss for words looking at Irma's appearance on satellite imagery," says Taylor Trogdon, a scientist at the National Hurricane Center.

Climate change made Hurricane Harvey more deadly according to climate scientist Michael E. Mann 🐳

Harvey causes devastation in Texas, downgraded to tropical storm

At least six people have been reported dead and 30 injured in Texas, where Hurricane Harvey made landfall with winds of 130 mph as a Category 4 storm on late Friday night.