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Styx Einzig

Chelsea Manning Is Not A Traitor (But She Is An Ignorant Slut)

Chelsea Manning would make a terrible public servant, just as she made a terrible soldier.

I refer to Chelsea as an “ignorant slut” because she humps ANTIFA like her ass is on fire. 

If you think that humping the leg of black-clad terrorists isn’t enough reason to call a woman an “ignorant slut,” then you should probably stop reading now. You and I have nothing in common.

Imagine this scenario: President Obama’s releases Chelsea Manning, thirty years before her completed sentence. Her crime would h…

Trump, Shitholes, And the Power of Magic Words

Anyone who understands human persuasion will tell you: words have a magic power. One word can lull a man to sleep while another can jolt him awake again. A cleverly ordered string of words together can convince a man of things that never existed.

This is why people with high verbal IQs rule the world: they can, by rhetorical devices and magic words, convince unsuspecting men of anything. Through the media, the “academies,” and political institutions, they use this power to placate the masses into…

Liberals Hate the Poor (Unless They’re From Shithole Countries)

In his semi-autobiographical work, “The Road to Wigan Pier,” George Orwell describes a revelation he had about middle-class socialists while living and working among them: they don’t give a damn about the poor, they just hate the rich.

Examine your own experience: it's true, isn't it? How often do you notice urban liberals mocking the “ignorant” rural poor in America? 

There’s a long league between charity and resentment. A liberal will cry foul and virtue-signal for the people of Haiti, while he …

According To California Judge, Trump Does Not Have Equal Powers Obama Had

Trump is right: the judiciary is broken and a threat to national security.

Yesterday in California a federal judge blocked President Donald Trump from rescinding the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. That’s not only wildly unprecedented, it might be criminal. In effect, Trump is being denied the same powers of his predecessor. There are no legal grounds for this to stand.

But the legal absurdity of the ruling is only the symptom of something far worse: an activist rot within the judi…

“You’re Fired!” vs. “Everyone Gets A Car!”

We have reached peak derangement-syndrome. 

It’s the kind of scenario that could only be dreamt up in absurdist talk radio featured in Grand Theft Auto: 

“THIS IS WEASEL NEWS: Donald Trump versus Oprah for the future of the world. You’re fired versus everybody gets car. The virgin #MeToo versus the Chad Grab.”

Those last 18 months Democrats spent complaining about an inexperienced business-celebrity running for the most consequential office in the world? Out the window. Mulligan. Like it never happ…

Achilles Was Not Black: Why Cultural Distinctions Still Matter

The BBC is releasing a new television show in which the lead character Achilles is portrayed by a black actor. This is bizarre. Achilles was not black. For that matter, Rumi was not an Arab.

Someone asks, “why does this matter?”

Answer: in Rumi’s case, because he was a Persian subjugated beneath a Muslim tyrant and forced to live under an Islamic name. He was forced to write his immortal poetry in Arabic on pain of death. Rumi was a jizyah, little more than a slave to the Caliph. It matters that h…