Shirley Rivera


Shirley Rivera

Quick San Diego Trip (Feb 2-7)

(Reconnecting with Storia after 2 years, so let's see how this goes! Also, trying out the app vs. using the web)

Pictured below: FRIENDS back together (L-R: Shirley, Shannon, John, Todd, Erik) means great conversations. Hungry friends means tasty food.

Through the early- and mid-2000s, 4 of the 5 of us in the pic hung out with each other, 3 of us worked with each other, and 2 of us submitted an "" term (for which we have sworn to secrecy). And since then, 2 in the picture have b…

Lulu, a French Bulldog

Meet Lulu, a 9 year old french bulldog. While visiting friends in San Diego this early Feb 2017, my couch-buddy is Lulu. I believe her "side eye" is out of love! #frenchbulldog #frenchie

Valentines Day Dinner with Mom

Missing Parts for Home Organizing

Ever have one of those moments ... when you are excited to assemble a home organizing item (or furniture or kitchen gadget)?

That is how my Saturday morning started ... is starting. I'm sharing this as I just finished writing an email to the distributor.

I have been in the "KonMari" method of tidying and discarding, and prior to starting that, I received a holiday gift of a garment rack.

... with the expected one-page instructions with parts inventory

... and the parts for G, H, K, and M. NOTE the m…

Martha & Bros. Coffee Co. in SF

Fortune Cookie from Today's Lunch

"Never compare yourself to
the best others can do, [sic] but to
the best you can do. "

#fortunecookie #quote