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Chrisa Theodoraki

How Can This Be? Kendall Jenner Is The World's Highest-Earning Model

Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen isn’t the world’s highest-paid model any more. Kim Kardashian’s little sis, Kendall is.

Kendall, daughter of Kardashian momager Kris Jenner and former Olympic medal winning athlete Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner reportedly earned $22 MILLION dollars last year, dethroning queen Gisele for the first time in 15 years.

Kendall is leading a new generation of supermodels, whose success isn’t measured so much by beauty, as it is by Instagram Likes and clicks. On Instagram she has…

‘Sleeping Beauty’ Should Be Banned, Demands Mother

The fairytale of Sleeping Beauty sends an “inappropriate sexual message” to children, according to a concerned mother of a 6-year-old boy. She has demanded that it should be banned from the school’s curriculum.

And the problem with it is nothing other than lack of consent when the prince wakes up the princess by kissing her, the mother, Sarah Hall, says, reports the Daily Mail.

Hall says it is “irresponsible” to teach boys that it is okay to kiss a girl while she is asleep, as in today’s society …

Hackers Put Porn and Fake News On ISIS Propaganda Websites

A group of savvy hackers has launched a series of successful cyberattacks that aims to spread doubt and dilute the credibility of the Islamic State.

Daeshgram, a small team of six Iraqi IT “geeks,” planted pornography on ISIS propaganda Websites through hacked accounts, and spread chaos amongst members of the “virtual caliphate,” reports The Daily Beast.

“Daeshgram,” which is a smart play on the word Instagram and the Arabic acronym for ISIS, was created a year ago, and has attacked ISIS’ sophist…

The French Ban Politically Correct Language From Official Publications

Unlike other European countries, France has taken a step back from embracing political correctness.

And the attempt to officialise a “gender neutral” language that would promote inclusivity and fight traditional male sexism hit the wall. French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe ordered that “inclusive writing” should be banned in official documents.

What is “inclusive writing” in French? According to Euronews an inclusive sentence can be translated like this:

“Many aspiring find it har…

Don’t Force Girls To Hug Adults During The Holidays, Warn Girl Scouts

The Girl Scouts have issued an important warning for the holiday season: Showing affection to others shouldn’t mean forcing a child to hug adults.

Even if someone is a close relative, Girl Scouts insist that girls don’t “owe” anyone physical affection, reports the Bustle. Forcing a child to hug and kiss others as a sign of gratitude, gives her the confused message that a gift or kindness aren’t given for free, and that she should indeed “pay” for them with physical affection.

And this can have di…

Catholic School Covers Up “Pedophilic” Statue Of Saint And Boy

A Catholic school in Australia was forced to cover up a suggestive statue of a saint and a boy, after the image went viral on social media.

Blackfriars Priory School in Australia commissioned a sculpture of 16-century Dominican monk St. Martin de Porres for its campus, reports The Australian. The statue, which was made by a Vietnamese sculptor, was supposed to depict St Martin handing a loaf of bread to a boy.

Even though everything “looked fine on paper” according to school staff, when the sculp…