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How to not say the wrong thing

When a crisis strikes a loved one, it's hard to know how to help. It's easy to say the wrong thing, and it's easy to say it to the wrong person. Here's how not to do that.

"The 'Ring Theory' of kvetching works in all kinds of crises -- medical, legal, even existential," explains Susan Silk and Barry Goldman, in the Los Angeles Times.

This illustration shows that we all exist in concentric circles around the afflicted person, and the best way to help by not saying the wrong thing is to "Comfort IN,…

If you've got a great idea & a fleeting opportunity to sell it, you need a good pitch 🛠️

From Tone Deaf to Pitch Perfect

When you're an ideas person looking for collaborators, funders and other supporters, you need to learn how to pitch to everyone. 

You have to pitch in a 15-second elevator ride. You have to pitch in a plane. You have to pitch on a train. 

Personal finance doesn't have to be complicated & this index card proves it 🛠️

The index card: all the financial advice you need

Here's some solid personal finance advice from Harold Pollack, a professor at the University of Chicago. He's the author of a whole book about this one index card.

Image: Harold Pollack

Pollack says everything you need to know about managing your money can fit on an index card. Among his 10 suggestions are

  • Max out your 401(k)
  • Save 20% of your money 
  • Pay off your credit card every month
  • Avoid actively managed funds since they come with fees
  • Make your financial advisor commit to a fiduciary standard 

A po…

If your car doesn't yet park for you, you probably still need this tip 🛠️

How to parallel park

There's a password between you & all that stuff you want access to. Easy way to manage them all 🛠️

Get your passwords under control with a password manager

Brain Overload!

It's a struggle any more to keep up with all of the passwords, passcodes, pincodes, usernames,  and other identifiers we are forced to use on an almost daily basis. For work alone I have 4 different passwords, 2 different usernames, and nearly 10 different systems I must log in and out of throughout the day. This impossible list doesn't include my personal email, bank, Amazon, PayPal, internet, power, water etc. accounts that I also frequent through the month.

If you're like me, y…

No extra luggage charges & no wrinkles either? This is how to do it 🛠️

3. Fold Everything Into One Bundle

Now that you're organized, save even more space by using this excellent tutorial to fold the contents of your carry-on into one bundle.