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Justin Zipprich

9/11 Hero Kills Himself After Agonizing Battle With Lung Disease

There is some sad news out of Long Island, NY, as it has been disclosed that heroic 9/11 first responder Captain Douglas Greenwood has committed suicide at age 61 after a long, painful battle with lung disease.

Greenwood was the leader of the Manhattan South Task Force that immediately went into action after the planes hit the World Trade Center back in 2001. After the disaster, he and his team spent the next 40 straight days picking through the rubble while searching for bodies.

Greenwood fared w…

ISIS Directly Threatens New York City After Trump’s Jerusalem Announcement

The Islamic State is not happy with President Trump’s recent announcement to go forward with plans to officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and now ISIS is threatening to attack the United States over the decision.

The threats came from one of the terrorist group’s social media pages via the Telegram instant messaging app.

The messages had the titles “ISIS in Manhattan” and “Wait for us,” and they came accompanied with disturbing images including those of Times Square in New Yor…

UK School Under Fire After Sending Newsletter With Pic of Reindeers Mating!

A primary school in England is under fire after they released a newsletter that includes an image of a Christmas sweater decorated with a picture of several reindeer in the act of mating.

Officials at the school have since apologized.

The mess began when the Hyde Park Junior School in Plymouth, Devon sent out their regular newsletter. Among the information in the newsletter was a warning about getting false notices from students (Fake News), a request for school dinner money, and a grotesque jumpe…

Omarosa Leaving White House, But Did She Quit or Was She Fired?

A shake-up at the White House was announced when news broke that Omarosa Manigault and four other staffers will be leaving the White House in the next couple months.

While the names of the four other White House employees were not disclosed, the big story here is the departure of Omarosa and whether or not she resigned or if she was actually fired.

Some may recall that Omarosa was a contestant on Donald Trump’s show The Apprentice before becoming a member of the White House staff with a focus on p…

Bangladeshi Authorities Interrogate Wife of Attempted Port Authority Bomber

After an attempted bombing in New York’s Port Authority, a widespread investigation has been launched into the bomber Akayed Ullah and his family to try and figure out additional details behind the attempted terror attack.

Ullah was arrested after attempting to ignite a “low-tech” pipe bomb inside the densely populated Port Authority. Fortunately, the device was activated prematurely, causing the most significant damage to the bomber himself and minor injuries to three others.

While officials in t…

“Walking Dead” Star’s Father Upset for Firing Him Two Weeks Before Birthday

Fans were shocked to see the surprising death of character Carl Grimes during last Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead.

News of his character’s death was a shock to Chandler Riggs, the actor who plays Grimes, but no one is quite as shocked and disheartened as his father, William Riggs.

During Sunday’s episode, which was the midseason finale, the character was killed off when he was bitten by a walker. Although some characters do seem to come back after being “killed off” of the show, Chandler Rig…