Matt Charnock


Matt Charnock

Morgan Spurlock Admits To 'Being Part Of The Problem,' Recalls Rape Accusation

Rather than waiting for the accusations to mount before media outlets jumped on board, Morgan Spurlock — the documentarian behind the film “Super Size Me” — said in a statement that he has had a sordid past.

Boldly stating that "I am part of the problem," the Oscar-nominated Spurlock confessed in an online post to sexual harassment and infidelity, and said a woman accused him of rape in college. In the post, which he linked to from his verified Twitter account, Spurlock wrote that as he watches o…

Argentine Submarine Was Chased By Helicopter And Ship Before Disappearing

Earlier in November, a large Argentine submarine went off the radar after being, essentially, chased down both form the sky and on the water. But perhaps the strangest, most mysterious parts of the puzzle were found in the odd messages sent shortly after the Argentine Navy lost contact with the sub.

The Argentinian submarine that vanished last month was being chased by a British helicopter and Chilean ship shortly before disappearing, one of the seemingly doomed vessel's sailors told his sister i…

How To Fix Traffic Jams? Install Car Sensors

Ever been stuck behind that person who’s following the car ahead of them at an obscenely close distance, dancing in between their accelerator and their brake pedal? Well, they are guilty of the number one cause of traffic congestion: tailgating. Soon, however, car sensors may help to fix that.

Researchers at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) have got some news: If we all just stopped tailgating, we might get to our destination twice as fast. And integrating rear senso…

Greenland Shark Is The Oldest Vertebrate Known On Earth At Over 500 Years Old

We often think of tortoises as the longevity kings of the world, with some Galapagos giant tortoises recorded at ages hovering just below 200. But the real ageless leviathan isn’t walking at a snail’s pace on land — it’s swimming at a glacial pace in and around Greenland.

A recently identified 512-year-old Greenland shark may be the world’s oldest living vertebrate, eclipsing previous known records of any known and studied vertebrate on earth. Although scientists discovered the 18-foot fish in th…

Toyota Charges-up Their Relationship With Panasonic To Conquer EV Market

With the Prius, Toyota came onto the world stage as the leader of hybrid vehicles. But the competition is quickly catching up, so now, more than ever, they’re putting the pedal to the floor to win the race to automotive electrification.

Toyota deepened an ongoing partnership with battery producer Panasonic Corp. as Asia’s biggest carmaker in an attempt to accelerate efforts to make their name a staple in the EV market.

The Japanese automotive company has been using Panasonic batteries, specifical…

Medical Marijuana Has No Public Health Risks, WHO Declares

One of the active components in marijuana should not be a scheduled drug, the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared in its latest report.

Legalization of cannabis has been on the rise across the globe, but health officials have warned that we should have enough research before ruling out any down sides.

The WHO, after months of deliberation and investigation, has endorsed a recommendation that cannabidiol (CBD) is a useful treatment for medical indications, including for epilepsy and pallia…