Bishnu Shrestha

This badass was an ex-soldier at the legendary 7th Battalion of the 8th Gurkha Infantry. He was on a train with 40 train robbers. When robbers attempted to rape a girl, this friggin legend draw his kukri knife and began attacking them. He held them off, killed 4 and wounded 8 of them in the process. Naturally, Shrestha received 2 medals for his bravery. He was also offered a reward but he didn't collect it. He reportedly said that "Fighting the enemy in battle is my duty as a soldier. Taking on the thugs on the train was my duty as a human being."
kukri knife ile ilgili görsel sonucu

                  The legendary Kukri knife


Simo Häyhä

Held off 4,000 Soviets with only 31 other Finns during Winter War.
500 confirmed kills in 100 days

Shot in the face with an exploding bullet
Survived, lived to 96 years of age

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