Being Vegan Might Be Ethical, but It Is Unhealthy

Ethics define the best of us and build the very foundation of our beliefs which we take on with us and carry on with our life. Even the food we eat is based on our ethics, some of us are vegetarians some are non-vegetarians and others can live in both mediums, in and out of these two as they please. While some of us might feel virtuous being a vegan, doing the right thing for the environment and nature by avoiding animal products, are we doing the right thing for our own health?

No, it is not great for our health not even by a long shot, because being vegan we are falling short on the most incredible nutrient profile that can only be obtained through a hefty protein related source. Here are various reasons why being vegan is unhealthy?

1. Not enough protein in the vegan diet

As far as the vegetarian diet is concerned, it is lagging in the protein components. The primary source of protein for a vegan person is basically the rice, pulses, soy, and beans. All these sources contain a minimal amount of available protein that can be used by the body for metabolism, this leads to the deficiency of protein in the body and leads to other complications such as low muscle volume, hair loss, and other related issues.

2. Vegan diet lacks specific Amino Acids

Another viable issue with the vegan diet is that you are lacking on particular amino acids from the diet, sure it provides you with many, but on the whole, you are also missing on a lot of them. The animal meat or specifically broth is streaming with a variety of amino acids required to regulate the protein formation in the body whereas vegetable broth doesn't have that variety. So, in general, a variety of diseases, deficiencies, and gut-related disorders start to surface. That is why it is advised to be rational in your diet planning and taste both worlds for optimum health benefits.

3. Not enough quality Fat available with vegan diet

Fatty acids, especially the Omega-3 and Omega-6 are the fundamental blocks to regulate the fat metabolism in your body. But with tons of vegetables on your plate, you are less likely to derive the required fat profile from it. Saturated fats are important to keep healthy activities in our lives at optimum and the vegan diet is not a good source of these fats.

Not having enough nutrients available to be consumed your body starts lacking at various fronts, you don’t have required vitamin such as vitamin b12 that regulates the healthy immune system.

Sure some of you might be avoiding the animal diet due to too much cholesterol or lipid profile and simultaneously a risk to heart attack and instead are using alternative sources for fats and proteins such as peanut butter. This practice not even at the least is promising or making you healthier instead you are becoming more and more deficient on a certain nutrient profile. Being vegan might look like ethical but it is not at all healthier.