Binging TV series online is a waste of time

Are you too addicted for a show on Netflix that you can’t bring yourself to get up shower and socialize? If your answer is yes, then you are truly into a trap. I am John and that’s exactly why I don’t like Netflix.

I’ll watch it from time to time for a movie of high resolution but there’s something a lot less intriguing about sitting alone in a dark room on a laptop wasting half an hour on a TV show that is not benefitting me at all.

I’d rather spend my free time shopping with my friends, taking a new class or checking out the nearby hiking spots. It’s not that watching TV shows is not fun for me but there are more exciting activities to participate in the amount of time that you’d binge in watching a season of 'You'.

If you can’t escape the screens, consider watching Cable TV mounted to the wall with your family and friends. The most inviting thing about the cable is you can’t fast forward to the next week’s episode. It is altogether an interactive experience. It’s better to limit yourself to an episode or two and move on to something more interactive and productive with your life. So it’s better to cut down on Netflix and you’ll find you are gaining a lot more out of your life.

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