Bribing Kids for a good behavior is not a reward

I am Evelyn, as a parent coach and I have heard a lot of parents describe interactions with their kids in which they promised all manners of enticing treats and activities in exchange of behaving appropriately. Kids can come to expect something extra for simply executing their daily responsibilities which can lead to a false sense of entitlement.

It’s important to understand that bribery can become an ongoing pattern that ultimately teaches your child to act in a certain way to get what he wants. Many confused parents asked me that what is the difference between giving a bribe for good behavior vs. rewarding it. I’ll tell you what I’ve told them. Generally, bribery occurs when your child has sprouted horns and tails. It happens quickly when you need to change the behavior of the spot. However, the effective use of rewards is quite different as you are compensating your child for a good behavior.

Just like I do my job, complete the tasks that are required for the position and my concrete reward is a paycheck. That’s how a reward works for your children rather than being manipulated and extorted.

Be kind to yourself as parents are also in a phase of learning forever. Taking a look on what behavior you might be reinforcing and how you are reinforcing may lead to a change in your approach and yield better results. Remember that when you resort to bribery, you may end up paying a high price for it. Instead make positive strides in improving his behavior.