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Diving into a Saturated Market

I started my first business when I was eight, selling and buying Beanie Babies to afford an electric guitar. I liked the feeling of buying something at a low price. Little did I know, I’d just discovered my passion for growing young companies.

I had moved beyond plush toys into digital marketing. I Started advertising my expertise as a marketer. I realized that there are thousands of digital agencies but a vast majority of them knew almost nothing about digital marketing. And the good ones required long contracts and a large amount of cash.

Despite the oversaturated market in this field, I saw my opportunity to get it right where no one else did. I used my overall experience to give credibility to my pitch. However, if you are not passionate about it, you won’t see it through and your business won’t grow. I believed in my business plan and this great opportunity but I didn’t care about storm drains enough to see it through.

When I started in the field of digital marketing, I didn’t do it because I stubbornly wanted to work in that field. I observed that existing players didn’t fulfill the needs that I personally had while running other companies so I decided to fulfill them myself. The best way to find a successful niche is to fulfill a need that no one else is able to fulfill.

I dove in head first and worked hard to build my company and now people are jumping into our space without any idea of how to succeed in this Industry.