My Business Establishment Story

It was 18 August 2015 when I was laid for the second time in three years. Beginning in 2012, I left my dream job crazily at the NBA. I wanted to return to my quiet life in Colorado. I had no idea about the risk I was taking by leaving a job that provided so much security and entertainment for 3 eventful seasons.

I first worked for a startup fantasy games development company. After doing some consulting for a few months, I accepted an opportunity to be VP of Strategic Marketing at a cancer society. This led to my second fall.

The one thing I did know how to do and enjoyed it was writing. So I started a very basic website and started writing. I started writing nearly every day of the week. I wrote nearly 380 blog posts in that year. However, it was far from

a business
. It was a way to get my name out there and keep myself busy.

When I started my website I didn’t see myself as a business. Initially, people found my content boring so I started sharing my blog posts to drive traffic. I began investing more and more into Facebook ads.

I'm always focused on attracting those who already know me on my page first. Every new blog post is also promoted to my fans and my website visitors. This helped increase my website traffic. Facebook has been a big part of my business. Today, Google drives an insane amount of traffic to my site.

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