How asking questions can turn you into an innovative thinker?

It is the rule of nature – kids learn by asking questions, a school student learns by asking questions, even new recruits learn by asking questions.

This is John, and I had been a HR once upon a time in my life and I have had to search for the next big-talents in the industry. I often tell those who come to me for advice that you can only become an innovative thinker once you start asking questions. It is one of the most simple but effective ways of learning. Innovative thinkers never stop asking questions as they know it is a good way of gaining deeper insights.

Most people don’t ask questions because they are too lazy. They often assume that they know the things they have to know and they never bother to ask more. Some of them are too afraid to ask questions as they think it will make them look weak, unsure, and ignorant. To such people, I always tell that asking questions is actually a sign of intelligence and strength. Great leaders became by constantly asking questions as they were aware they don’t have all the answers.

To become successful, you must start asking more questions on “How”, “Why”, “When”, “Where”, “Who”, and “What” of certain situations. You can practice and develop the skill of asking more questions during everyday conversations. Instead of telling the other person something, you can ask a question instead. Intelligent questions can stimulate, provoke, and even inspire as they help both the speaker and the listener to learn more.

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My Business Establishment Story

It was 18 August 2015 when I was laid for the second time in three years. Beginning in 2012, I left my dream job crazily at the NBA. I wanted to return to my quiet life in Colorado. I had no idea about the risk I was taking by leaving a job that provided so much security and entertainment for 3 eventful seasons.

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