My Work Placement

I am John and I’m going to suggest you why I believe that work experience is vital for anyone.


Work experience is essential for anyone in life whether it be a paid placement in University or an unpaid internship over a summer holiday. Potential employers like to see that an applicant for a job has had relevant experience even if it’s not for a long time. Here are some tips on work experience that I find useful

First of all have an open mind rather than a narrow mind about your work experience. If it is an area you are interested in, great, but if it is not you always have the chance to change your opinion. No matter where you are working, the likelihood is that you will finally end up somewhere that you always wished to be like me in the marketing department.

Secondly, make sure that you take as much in as you can because you may only end up doing one thing for the whole time you are at your placement. So make sure to be involved with the whole department.

Thirdly, be positive and have a smile on your face. This way the employer will be more welcoming and will wish to talk to you. Don’t forget to make the most of your opportunities at your work as it is important for your future. Do whatever you can to get the best placement possible.

Business and Economy

My Business Establishment Story

It was 18 August 2015 when I was laid for the second time in three years. Beginning in 2012, I left my dream job crazily at the NBA. I wanted to return to my quiet life in Colorado. I had no idea about the risk I was taking by leaving a job that provided so much security and entertainment for 3 eventful seasons.