How to buy cheap N95 mask during the Covid-19 outbreak

The Covid-19 virus has now spread worldwide. As of March 19, the number of people infected with Covid-19 in the United States has exceeded 10,000, and the number of people infected is expected to continue to increase in the next few days.

How to protect yourself from Covid-19 virus infection?

Masks! Masks! Masks! Wearing a mask when going out or in close contact with people can minimize the risk of Covid-19 infection. The United States CDC tells people not to buy masks, masks are useless. This is a downright conspiracy. Covid-19 is transmitted through droplets. Proper wearing of a mask can prevent Covid-19, which has proven to be the most useful method of protection in China.
The CDC in the United States keeps people from buying masks because of the current shortage of masks in the United States, and even the hospital's inventory of medical masks is very limited. If people find that life-saving masks are completely out of stock, they can easily infect Covid-19 without wearing masks, or even die if they are severe. What will happen?
Countless people without masks can infect Covid-19 and die with a high probability. So, if masks are on sale in a store near you, please go over and buy them for you and your family right away! !! !!
If there are no masks available in the accessory store, then I recommend buying them from the N95 Mask Online Store ( ). I purchased 40 KN95 masks on March 13, and I have received these Already.

How to buy cheap N95 mask during the Covid-19 outbreak?

Buy N95 (KN95) Respirator Masks:

What is the difference between KN95 and N95?

N95 mask refers to a mask certified by the United States NIOSH (National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health) non-oily particulate matter protection efficiency is not less than 95%; KN95 mask refers to a Chinese national standard "GB2626-2006-Respiratory Protective Products-Self-priming Filter-type respirator for non-oily particulate matter with a protective efficiency of not less than 95%. KN95 masks have the same protective effect as N95 masks, which can protect you from Covid-19 virus infection.
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