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Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a form of male sexual dysfunction that impacts millions of men worldwide. It is characterised by difficulty producing and sustaining an erection during sexual activity, specifically penetrative sex. It affects men proportionally to the relative age brackets – that is, while a 30% of all 30 year olds are estimated to suffer from ED, 60% of men in their 60s do.

Despite its high prevalence across all ages, ED remains a major source of embarrassment and shame to the many men it impacts. Often, men suffering from impotence tend to feel as if they have done something wrong or that it is somehow their fault that they are struggling to sexually perform. These anxieties typically revolve around feeling not quite “manly” enough.

The only instance where a man has conscious control over his impotence is when it is caused by lifestyle factors, such as excessive smoking and drinking, under-exercising, an unhealthy diet, obesity, diabetes, and stress. Fortunately, regardless of the cause, any man suffering from ED can

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About Kamagra Tablets

In 1996, the active ingredient of one of the world’s all-time most popular and effective ED medications was synthesised for the first time. This ingredient, known as sildenafil citrate, was branded Viagra and was subsequently met with global success upon hitting the markets in 1998. The only issue with Viagra is that it is simply unaffordable for many men to buy.

As a result, many online pharmacies have produced their own sildenafil citrate ED treatments which are identical to Viagra in every way except price. Kamagra is a particularly popular, affordable generic version of Viagra available exclusively from select online pharmacies which is why many men choose to buy Kamagra online instead of the more expensive Viagra.

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