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Kamagra tablets

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How to Use Kamagra Tablets when Treating ED
  • You should easily be able to find an internet pharmaceutical retailer that sells Kamagra tablets online in small 50mg dosages. You should use such a dosage for the treatment of mild to moderate ED symptoms
  • If patients have developed a tolerance to the smaller 50mg dosage amount then they are advised to try using the larger 100mg dosage amount which can be bought from the same online pharmacies.
  • Regardless of the dosage being taken, it is strictly advised that you do not deviate from the dosage instructions provided to you buy your doctor.
  • In order for Kamagra tablets to help you achieve the desired effects in the bedroom, you are encouraged to allow it 30 to 60 minutes after consumption to be processed and to take effect.
  • It is critical that you do neither of the following:
  • - mixing the use of the Kamagra tablets online pharmacies sell with nitric oxide donors such as amyl nitrates (AKA “poppers”). This will cause a chain reaction of chemical interactions that will result in the drastic drop in your blood pressure levels during which you may faint.
  • - consuming this medication in more than one dosage within 24 hours. Be sure to space your usage of Kamagra tablets so that it has time to flush out of your system before more is introduced. It is unsafe to re-dose within fewer than 24 hours as this makes you more conducive the experiencing uncomfortable side effects.
  • This medication does not stimulate your sex drive as one would expect an aphrodisiac to perform because its sole purpose is for the alleviation of ED symptoms, not a lack of sex drive. Make sure that you are not mistaking this medication for an aphrodisiac before buying it since online pharmacies cannot be held liable for the disappointment you may experience.
  • Remember that it is good practice to remain hydrated during the 6 hours in which this medication’s effects will be at their peak efficacy.
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