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If I catch your #eye, if I spark your interest. think long and hard be weary of carrying on. If you do, you may become a part of this agonizing and harrowing #story I tell. One full of fucking #failures, the bad kind of #spontaneity, #grandiose histrionics, redundant phrases like that, harsh and constant #disappointments, a rolodex of the wrong things to say, etc.etc. You may never even know how I truly feel about you. Unless that insane and sadistic part of me that likes to put my “feelings” into prose or #poetry surfaces. Now that I think about it, I probably shouldn’t say anything like this so early, but I feel as though I have to. So I’ll tell you some truths. I’m absolutely #horrible to be with. I get too worked up, my mood is always at an extreme, I get #angry and needy at the same time, yet I refuse to admit it when it happens. Which has pissed everyone off so far I constantly worry about the possibility of unfortunate events. Such as a sudden loss, a series of bad luck, deteriorating #health, no peace of mind, or even what it’d be like if I became full-body #paralyzed like that one #French guy who learned how to communicate by blinking. I don’t know if I could do that if that happened to me. I don’t know how much fight I’d have left in me, or that I currently have in me even at this age, I don’t feel #young at all.

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