My list of Best Comedy Movies on Netflix

I am Alec and for me, there’s nothing more relaxing and enjoyable than settling on a couch and watching a comedy that’s actually funny. Dramas can exaggerate, action movies can be harsh, horror movies may be stressful but comedies are fun and that’s not a bad thing. Sometimes I just want a good laugh to energize and refresh. Luckily Netflix has covered me up, the service offers dozen of comedies to relax. To make your choice easier, I’ve done all the legwork on your behalf by listing down some of the best comedies of this age. So put on some kneepads as you can snap really bad.

Annie Hall -
It is a classic romantic comedy delivering a monologue to the camera about his irrational view of universe and a failed relationship.
    A futile and stupid gesture -
    Doug Kenny’s comedies have become some of the most iconic comedies of all times. It is somewhat a surface level biopic.
    Heathers -
    It is a cult classic that takes aim at high school cliques, culture and teenage suicide through a downright cynical lens. It is not like the present teenage comedies
    The Emperor’s New groove -
    Is a hilarious comedy that’s got something for everyone. With it’s distinctly Disney vibe, it features a great cast and some real catchy musical numbers.
    Billy Madson -
    It is a classic far fetched comedy about a grown man going back to elementary school. The laugh out loud comedy was produced by Robert Simonds and also appears Norm McDonald.

    The best upcoming comedy movies of 2019

    Who doesn’t love comedy movies? I’m Alec and I’m someone who absolutely loves comedy movies because it gives me a much-needed get away from my hectic daily life. Whenever I’m tired, I just switch on my laptop, fill my glass with chilled Pepsi, and get a big bucket of popcorn to catch the trending comedy movies.
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