Coolest New Gadgets in 2019

Coolest New Gadgets in 2019

Coolest New Gadgets in 2019

In this era of technological innovations, gadgets influence almost every aspect of our lives. A good gadget not only makes life easier but also helps you live smarter. Some of leading consumer brands have released a range of cool gadgets to help consumer develop a convenient lifestyle. Here’s a list of this year’s coolest gadgets to help you invest in smart living.

  • XiaomiMi Smart Bedside Lamp

XiaomiMi Smart Bedside Lamp comes with flexible control options and offers a number of exciting features. From white balance, brightness adjustment, sleep timer to smartphone controls, these fancy lamps are ideal for gaming, reading, and other light activities.

  • Clocky, the Runaway Alarm

Designed with the loudest alarm, clocky is a runaway clock that runs around to get you up on time. Besides moving around the room, clocky can shake, run, and change directions. Heavy sleepers can greatly benefit from this since clocky won’t shut up until you chase him off.

  • Nreal Light Mixed Reality Glasses

Mixed reality glasses, as evident from its name, transform the way you see the real world by infusing virtual elements. Nreal’s ready-made glasses guarantee to offer an immersive experience to wearers.

  • Gillette Heated Razor

Gillette’s latest innovation, the heated razor, was launched for an Indiegogo campaign last year. Recognized for its precision, the product has become one of the most widely sought-after gadgets in 2019. The razor can heat up to 122° in just a second, heating up the lather and skin for an effective shave.

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