Cosmetic Surgery: Does it really help people feel better about their bodies?

I don’t have the habit to look into mirrors all the time. But there are little glasses hanging in my hall so when I step out, I see a total close up of my face. Some tiny lines have came up at the corner of my eyes. However I never gave a thought about them.

These days people are resorting to cosmetic surgery as there’s a race to look young and beautiful. This is especially for women as they are more likely judged on appearances. The media is full of programs offering cosmetic surgery. Our culture is drastically changing and there is a change in how humans feel they should look.

Everyone believes that they will be more confident and happy if they follow such cultural norms. Most of us have faces that are different from the prevailing Norm of perfect beauty. However, I believe that even if you look a bit different, people will still love you. The things that people notice about you is your personality so work on your personality which is a long term benefit for you.

If someone is not happy with the image of their body, it should be preferable to solve it through cultural or psychological changes. I don’t want to criticize the choice of anyone it’s important to understand that we need to face up to what’s happening to the society.