Critics Slams Green Book for Its Racist Undercurrents

Hi! I’m am 22-year-old engineering student. When I’m not busy with my project, I like to watch movies and television series. Peter Farrelly’s Green Book won the Oscar for Best Picture this year, and it instantly became a subject of ridicule. In case you are curious, let’s find out what had spurred the controversy.

Although the film can be interpreted as a subversion of Driving Miss Daisy (1948), with Viggo Mortensen, a white man, behind the wheels, it was not received well by critics, who ridiculed the idea of a white protagonist in a black man’s story. Similar sentiments were reflected on Twitter, where several celebrities joked about such representations.

Following Spike Lee’s decision of storming out of the Dolby Theatre, many people took to Twitter to talk about their disagreements. Some of the funniest posts I found on Twitter include –

“The choice did not age well”

“Some of Green Book’s best friends are black movies”

“The Green Book was Crash II: Crash in the Past”

“Green Book? More like the White Pages”

”Green Book doesn’t see color”

The film, as most people opined, is nothing but a silly narrative, revealing how progressive white people view racism. The very idea that racial differences can be resolved solely on the basis of friendships problematizes the issue further. Given its superficial representation of racial politics, one cannot help but wonder how the film made to Oscars this year.