'Darken Love.' (writing)

It's funny how when you’re #little you think everything is okay, but then as you get older. You look at the #people, and the families around you. An you’re like people aren't supposed to yell at each other all the time, your parents aren't supposed to throw you around, when people say the words “I #Love You”. You think everything is okay. People aren't supposed to be drunk or high all the time. Dads are only supposed to have one girlfriend, and mommy's not supposed to pop pills. You think everythings okay, you think this is the way families work. The way a #relationship works, and then they #wonder why you’re so messed up, or why you can’t hold down a relationship. Well maybe it's because no one ever showed me what a #healthy5758type59text60contents61#writing62type63text64contents65 is a 66type67text68contents69#love70type71text72contents73 of mine.74To the #writers, Never stop #writing!

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