'Day 113'

'Day 113'

Everyday Life
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'Day 113'

I’ve always considered myself
a petulant #optimist, a glass
half full enthusiast, a firm
believer in an evenhanded
world that will consistently
and #flawlessly unfold as it
should. I’ve always lived as
an #honest, benevolent person,
so nothing terrible would
possibly happen to me until eventually, it does. I feel jolted, lost I try telling myself
it’s alright to #shake and #stutter as I ask for help, but my words
must not be getting through
properly because “sorrys”
just aren’t sounding right
it’s as if they’re coming
from old, crumbled #notes
stuffed in coat pockets. And as I watch, in pieces,
everyone I know and #love
start to unfold this
everyman apology,
half hearted and
blindly insincere, I am reminded of
that flawlessly
unfolding #world
 I’ve believed
so deeply in, and I wonder if
this is it...

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