Dear major media: 'FYI, there is a flood in Louisiana'

Dear major media: 'FYI, there is a flood in Louisiana'

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When #HurricaneSandy hit the east coast four years ago, the world grieved and supported the disaster's survivors. This was because news of the tragedy went far and wide, plastering every #news outlets for weeks.

But the height of the recent Louisiana #flooding and #disaster, Christian Headlines reported: “Louisiana” wasn’t one of the top trending stories on Google Trends. In fact, it was far down the list, sharing a spot beside #PresidentObama’s #vacation plans.

76 who 77 to live in a flood plainNot once did I hear anyone ask: why would you go on vacation where there could be a Tsunami? 124125type126embed127attributes128url129 need you to shine a light on this. 148149type150figure151contents152attributes153type154Image155slf-post-image156true157id1583159type160p161contents162type163text164contents165The flood has devastated more than 100They did everything right. They didn’t have the #insurance because they weren’t in places that ever flooded.”

#Obama has since made promises to visit Baton Rouge this week to survey the damage and offer support -- but not before he faced critiques about reacting too slowly and appearing hesitant to change his #MarthasVineyard vacation plans. 

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