Depression in Teens

Depression in Teens

Depression in Teens

I am here to share my views on depression in teens – a subject that is no longer a taboo in our society. Having witnessed a victim of teenage depression in my own home through my brother has made me understand the depths of this issue and the need to deal with it in the most constructive way.

The teenage years can be one of the most unsettling phases in one’s life, with a lot of physical, mental, and emotional changes going around. What add to this conflict are the unrealistic expectations from one’s academic or social life, and eventually all these factors add up as one whole to create a state of depression in the adolescent life. Something similar happened with my elder brother, and gradually he slipped into a state of depression, before anyone could see it coming.

The signs of depression in my brother had become clearly visible through the change in his sleeping pattern, eating habit, declining performance in school, lack of energy and sudden display anger and agitation. But, before things would turn ugly, we were lucky enough to find the right therapy for him, as my brother too had realized he needed help with his condition.

On the whole, for anyone who is suffering from depression, especially in teenage; seeking help is the first step towards recovery. We are glad that we found a mental health professional for my brother, who helped raise the dark clouds of depression from his head and make him see hope and sunshine once again.

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