Start Your Day with Healthy Smoothies

Hi, I’m a fitness enthusiast. To me, a nutritious dietary routine is an essential aspect of a healthy life. As a part of my morning ritual, I try to start my day with a holistic breakfast, comprising of fruits, salads and green tea. When I’m not sipping green tea, I prefer smoothies. Here are some exciting smoothie ideas you can try out to energize your body.

  • Green Smoothie:

    This is a nutritious drink constituting spinach, flaxseeds and banana. You can use a small portion of maca powder for an additional boost.

  • Banana Ginger Smoothie:

    The banana ginger smoothie is prepared with sliced bananas, vanilla yogurt, grated ginger and honey, offering a tonic for heartburn, nausea, and stomach-related troubles.

  • Orange Creamsicle:

    This low-calorie citrus drink is prepared with peeled oranges, low-fat yogurt, vanilla extract and concentrated orange juice.

  • Apple Oatmeal Smoothie:

    Resembling apple porridge in many ways, the apple oats smoothie has a creamy texture. The apple syrup and cinnamon blend together to create a tasty energy drink.

  • Papaya and Pineapple Smoothie:

    To prepare this healthy drink, you need to blend pineapple, papaya, ice cubes, vanilla, and pineapple syrup in a mixer. Once the smoothie is ready, serve it with papaya or pineapple slices.

    Smoothies are a great way to energize your morning. You can choose any seasonal fruit of your choice to prepare a delectable drink for the required energy boost.

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