Divorce - A Life Changing Decision

When a couple gets married, they know that they can spend their life together. However, nobody really asks that question to themselves. Some couples think that divorce is wrong so even after innumerable issues, they tend to stay together. However, there are some couples who can’t pull it off and that’s not a bad thing.

I had married too young and just after a year I realized that it’s not working at all. I think that it’s reasonable to consider divorce if there is no hope left in the relationship. It’s not that I never tried, I read books, I got counseling as well but nothing helped me out. So there are times when divorce is a necessity.

If the couple is no longer in love, firstly they should try working out what’s causing the disconnection between them. Marriage is a lifelong commitment and differences between two people are normal. But you cannot walk out because things get difficult in your relationship. If it’s possible to fix it by any means, then go for it but if it’s not, then divorce is acceptable.

Sometimes, people get married for all the wrong reasons. They make a mistake marrying someone just as a matter of settlement. If someone no longer wants to be in marriage, they don’t find satisfying, they should be allowed to leave without any restrictions. There’s no point of prolonging the relationship if it creates discomfort in your life.

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