Don't Follow Your Passions Says Billionaire Mark Cuban

Would you take career advice from a billionaire?

“Follow your passions and success will follow” is for many a solid piece of career advice. But according to billionaire businessman and investor Mark Cuban

And it is not just untrue, but a genuinely bad piece of career advice, according to Cuban.

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The problem with wanting to turn a hobby into a career is that very often people don’t excel at what they are passionate about.

So Cuban did the logical thing. He quit baseball and started his own company. In the process he realized that success doesn’t come when you follow your passion, but when you follow your effort.

If you’re serious about being on top of your game, you should simply focus on what you’re good at and put all your time and effort in becoming the best in your field.

Cuban’s debunking the popular career myth shows that there is no magic potion for success. Talent, effort and work ethic complement each other. Success is no accident.

So why do we keep encouraging young people to pursue their passions at any cost? Even though it’s a blessing when we excel at the very things we are passionate about, quite often this isn’t the case.

It’s like when we are telling kids that in life they can become anything they want, as long as they want it bad enough. No, you can’t become an NBA player when you’re five foot five. Nor can you become the new Celine Dion when you sing like a frog.

It is a rather dangerous advice to give to someone who dreams of becoming something big in life.

Don’t just follow your passions blindly. Use your judgement and common sense to draw a career path for yourself. And new passions will no doubt appear along the way.

Image: Creative Commons