Easy to pull off pranks to prank your roommate on April Fool’s Day  

Easy to pull off pranks to prank your roommate on April Fool’s Day  

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April 1st is on the horizon and you must be driving your brain into overdrive thinking of the possible ways to you can prank people around you.

Easy to pull off pranks to prank your roommate on April Fool’s Day  

There is nothing as beautiful as a well-executed prank. It is even more hilarious when the person is least expecting it.

I’m Jane, and as a student I had spent most of my time being in a hostel. I’ve had come up with a lot of pranks with time and experience. The most important thing I always did before pulling off a prank is finding the right victim for the prank. I always looked for the perfect place, time, and mood.

Pranks need to be harmless so I never exceeded the limits. Always make sure you use ingredients that the victims aren’t allergic to. Also, remember to pull the plug if you see the situation is getting more serious than you expected.

The key to my success is that I always look to pace myself and never try all the pranks at the same time. Also, keep in mind, the tables can always turn so if you have played a prank, there is always a chance you can be a victim in the coming days.

Here are some of the pranks that you can pull off on April 1st as they have more probability of success.

Put food coloring instead of soap in the hand soap dispenser.

Use plastic wrap to cover the toilet seat.

Rearrange the drawers and file cabinets and mix everything in a different order.

Borrow the cell phone and change the settings to a foreign language.

Paint the tips of all the pens and pencils with a clear nail polish such that none of them work.

Swap their favorite shit with an exact look-alike with the only difference being that it differs to the original by 2 sizes.

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