What You Need to Know About Uber Black’s Quiet Driver Mode

Talkative drivers can put you off in big ways, especially if you need to attend important phone calls. I work as a full-time digital marketing executive, and I need to communicate with my clients most of the time. Uber Black’s new feature will help office goers to travel in peace. For fussy travelers like me, the feature offers a practical solution. This feature is a boon to weary passengers who are tired of inquisitive drivers, but it is not applicable for all Uber rides. Let’s explore what the feature is all about in the following points.

  • Is the “Quiet Mode” valid for all Uber vehicles?

    Riders can access the “Quiet Mode” feature on limited occasions like Uber Black and Uber Black SUV premium rides.

  • What do you need to do to activate the “Quiet Mode”?

    Users need to decide on what they want depending on their preference. You can choose “Quiet Preferred” if you want to peace and quiet. Also, there are options like “happy to chat” or “no preference” for users.

  • What are some other features offered on Uber Black and Uber Black SUV premium rides?

    As per the latest update, passengers can ask for assistance when it comes to shifting luggage. Apart from this, passengers will have access to features like “Temperature Control,” “Extended Pickup Period,” and “Premium Phone Support.” All these features that come with premium rides are meant to enhance professionalism while ensuring consistent vehicle quality.

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