Tuscany in Summer

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I went to Tuscany last summer as a part of a project and got to spend some quality time in the sunny countryside locations. With temperatures reaching 28-35°C in July, most householders in Tuscany migrated to breezy coastal locations. As for the cities, tourists were spotted everywhere in the streets. Since schools and other institutions were shut for summer vacations, countryside locations attracted tourists from all walks of life, and the crowded villages and hilly areas offered a spectacular experience to the weary travelers. The Tuscan archipelago, constituting one of the liveliest areas, was a visual treat in many ways, boasting of picturesque landscapes.

While there were a number of memorable events that kept me occupied, exploring the sunflower fields and strolling through the vineyards had left a lasting impression on me. The most exciting aspect of visiting Tuscany in July was the chance to pounce on those freshly grown vegetables from organic farms. For music lovers like me, it was a golden chance to attend musical productions or operas, some of the most popular productions are organized during this time. July staging some of the best medieval festivals and music sagre, I got to take part in theme dinners and local gatherings, experiencing the local lifestyle in its most authentic form.

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