Family of Man Killed By Aboriginals Forgives Them

The family of the man who was reportedly killed by tribals on India's Andaman and Nicorbar Islands last week has shown generosity of spirit. They said it has forgiven the killers and the local contacts who ferried him to the forbidden island.

16loved God

Seven people who helped him reach North Sentinel island have been arrested.

The Indian authorities say it may take a while to recover Chau's body.

A missionary who was in contact with Chau in his final days of his trip says his goal was to bring the gospel to the island's tribesmen.

Outsiders are banned from even approaching the island to protect the people who live there, and their customs and culture.

Because of complete isolation of the Sentinelese people, any contact with the outside world could put them at risk, as they are likely to have no immunity to even common illnesses such as flu and measles.

59his own free will

67We also ask for the release of those friends he had in the Andaman Islands. He ventured out of his own free will and his local contacts need not be persecuted for his own actions

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