Fascinating Facts About the Notre Dame Cathedral

Fascinating Facts About the Notre Dame Cathedral

Fascinating Facts About the Notre Dame Cathedral

People of France, have always associated the Notre Dame Cathedral as a symbol of their homeland. Much like the entire world, the natives of France were in grief and shock as Paris’s historic Cathedral of Notre Dame blazed with massive fire on April, 15, 2018. While it is still too early to speculate whether the damage done can be restored or not, we bring to you some important and interesting facts about the Notre Dame Cathedral that will give you a deeper insight into its undisputed place in the history of Paris -

Q. What is the reason behind the popularity of Notre-Dame?

A. Notre-Dame is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and also one of the most visited monuments in Paris with a history that dates back to the 12th and 13th century.

Q. When was it built?

A. Notre-Dame cathedral was constructed between the years 1163 – 1345.

Q. Has the cathedral suffered any damages in the past?

A. Notre-Dame has survived the two world wars, and that too largely unharmed. It was during the French Revolution that the cathedral had last undergone such large scale damage.

Q. What are the most prized possessions of the cathedral?

A. The cathedral is home to Christ’s Holy crown, along with a piece of the cross and a nail as well.

Q. Does the cathedral hold any significance in French literature?

A. Victor Hugo’s literary masterpiece, The Hunchback of Notre-Dame gets its name from the cathedral that also stands as a symbol of France.

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