Fashion Trends of 2018 that shouldn’t continue trending in 2019!

2018 was the year of some truly confusing looks. It was a baffling year for fashion as items seemed like they were designed intentionally to perplex the majority of consumers or to go viral. A lot of trends were either uncomfortable to wear or difficult to pull off or sometimes both.

I am Jane, a fashion enthusiast and connoisseur. 2018 wasn’t particularly satisfying for my taste as designers embraced trends that seemed gimmicky than innovative such as transparent plastic handbags. Other trends were too difficult to pull off outside red carpet events and fashion shows.

Here are some of the trends that weren’t up to the mark in 2018 and shouldn’t continue in 2019 –
  • Even though neon became fashionable again in 2018, it is time to retire this trend for good in 2019.
  • Monochromatic outfits often left street style and red carpet attires a bit predictable.
  • Bike shorts which took off suddenly in 2017 and continued in 2018 seems to have overstayed their welcome and need to end in 2019.
  • Dad sneakers became dull and clunky by the end of 2018 and look out of trend with or without a designer label.
  • Transparent plastic shoes have overstayed their visit. They are extremely difficult and stiff to wear for longer periods of time and shouldn’t be in use in 2019.
  • Despite their impractical design, tiny sunglasses managed to win over naysayers last year but their use should be discontinued this year.
  • These were some of the trends from 2018 that I wasn’t particularly fond of. I hope these aren’t in trend anymore in 2019 as they belong in the past. 

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