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The Best Canned Food

At some point or the other, we have to rely on tinned food. The canned food section may not be the most attractive section in the supermarket but can definitely be the section containing wide range of products. I suggest around my store cupboards to fine the tinned treats no one can survive without.

Interesting Facts

What is Halal Meat

Before understanding what Halal meat is, it is essential to understand what Halal is. Halal is a central concept of

Islamic law
. Halal denotes permissible as opposed to Haram which is forbidden. The
word Halal
refers to food, drink, materials of daily use that the

Is That Cake Instagrammable?

The concept of “food porn” isn’t new – the word appeared first in the 1980s – but in the age of social media, especially Instagram, food porn has taken on a new dimension. Food porn has been associated with attractive, but unhealthy foods, but food porn has little to do with sex – even though Anthony Bourdain, the celebrated food writer and TV personality, once

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