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Have you ever had the feeling that if human energy was dependent on batteries, yours would not be rechargeable? If so, you are probably suffering from sleep deprivation, a common problem shared by millions of people and in many cases attributable to the ridiculous pace at which we live our lives. Human beings are not built to work like slaves with not time for rest and relaxation.

If we were, we would not be suffering burn-out, anxiety, depression and exhaustion. Often the weekend is not enough time to catch up on the hectic schedules of the working week but we also neglect to go on holidays. In some cases, not going on holiday is because of a lack of money but in other cases, we are on that workaholic treadmill and we are too afraid to step off it.

Working too hard and not sleeping well has a deleterious effect on your mind and body health and is not something that you should ignore. Some people argue that their body is used to four or five hours of sleep each night but sleep deprivation may impact on them in a way in which they are not aware. There are some people who need very little sleep

but they are by far in the minority.

A lack of sleep predisposes you to germs, infections and illnesses because your immune system suffers when you do not get your full quota of sleep. Good sleep escalates your productivity levels so if you are suffering from persistent insomnia, you can buy Provigil – a wakefulness medication.

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