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Review of Ipad Pro 2018

With an extraordinary design and a solid operating system, the Apple iPad Pro 2018 is the best tablet you can get in this generation. It has a faster processor than many notebook PCs. I’ve been using it for about 15 days.

Once you get it, just click on the power button and it’s automatic setup process, you don’t even need to enter your Wi-Fi password. Once you’re in, everything works for you. All your apps, documents, all your I cloud data is right there clearly visible on it’s liquid Retina display.

I will not waste your time listing the technology specifications of these new iPads. You can read them on the official website of Apple. It’s hardware has the ability to support future improvements.

The Apple’s iPad pro beats the competition in every metric. Apple seems to be focused on iPad pro as a smart and creative machine. It pushes creative apps and took time to show how photography, video and other apps run so well on these systems. Once you get used to using multi-touch on the device, you’ll be smashing through the apps, getting work done and taking advantage of split view, slide over and other multi functional tools.

The only disappointment is the inability to open the two instances of the same app on one screen unless you use Safari. Not everyone finds it productive with a mobile operating system and some third party apps still require a computer.

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Coolest New Gadgets in 2019

In this era of technological innovations, gadgets influence almost every aspect of our lives. A good gadget not only makes life easier but also helps you live smarter. Some of leading consumer brands have released a range of cool gadgets to help consumer develop a convenient lifestyle. Here’s a list of this year’s coolest gadgets to help you invest in smart living.

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Why Should You Switch to a New Wireless Router?

I’m a science geek and a tech enthusiast. For anybody seeking good internet speeds for streaming online content, getting an appropriate internet connection is a huge concern. This applies to me as well; as voracious Netflix user, I always look for blasting-fast internet speed. Looking at the tech trends of 2019, wireless routers are making a comeback, and it’s not difficult to understand why.