German Ex-Nurse Admits Killing 100 Patients

German Ex-Nurse Admits Killing 100 Patients

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A former nurse in Germany has admitted to killing 100 patients during the first day of his trial, making him one of the world's most prolific post-war serial killers

Detectives say Niels Högel, 41, administered lethal doses of medication to the people in his care at two hospitals in northern Germany, according to the BBC and CNN.

His motive, prosecutors say, was to impress colleagues by reviving the very patients he had attacked and to fight boredom

Hoegel is already serving a life sentence for six convictions, including murder and attempted murder.

He is reportedly killed 36 patients in Oldenburg and 64 in nearby Delmenhorst between 1999 and 2005.

On the first day of his trial at a court in Oldenburg, northwest Germany, Hoegel said the murder charges against him were correct.

Around 126 relatives of the victims are co-plaintiffs in the trial, which is expected to run until May next year, according to a court spokeswoman.

According to the BBC, the case is sensitive for German health authorities, which are accused by relatives of overlooking Högel's murderous activity.

Investigators say he may have killed even more but potential victims have been cremated.

Christian Marbach, a spokesperson for relatives, said it was a scandal that the ex-nurse had been allowed to kill with impunity for years without officials intervening.

107We fought for four years for this trial and expect Högel is sentenced for another 100 murders

115I hope he will be found guilty on each count so that the loved ones can finally find some closure

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