'Gilded Despair' is when all the rich tech guys build doomsday bunkers in NZ ☠️

'Gilded Despair' is when all the rich tech guys build doomsday bunkers in NZ ☠️

We all know how strong that surge of US citizen passport renewal was before the inauguration on January 20th. Anyone who could scrape together the $$ to get their papers in order did so. That goes double for LGBTQIA/POC/anyone feeling especially marginalized and vulnerable.

But what if money is no object for you, and you're still anxious about Trump's ascendancy to the highest office in the land? 

Time to buy that fancy doomsday bunker in New Zealand (or Kansas, but let's be real--NZ).

'Gilded Despair' is when all the rich tech guys build doomsday bunkers in NZ ☠️

                             New Zealand paradise photo by Tom Hall on Flickr

To be fair, if money were no object, a lot of us would do everything we could to protect our loved ones. As it is, most of us are still doing everything within our power to do just that. So it stands to reason that if you have greater means, you'll take more extreme measures toward the same goal.

But at what point do you think about the public good? Billionaire philanthropists like Andrew Carnegie and John D. Rockefeller were definitely fallible human beings, but they also gave back and helped create public institutions that are still enriching our culture. 

Instead of isolating yourself, at what point do you try to address modern society's ills and use your massive wealth to change things for the better instead of running away? 

This article briefly touches on that idea, but mostly just talks to various tech moguls about their extravagant plans to doomsday prep in posh bunkers on the other side of the planet. Hobbiton it ain't. 

#AmericanGarbageFire2017 rolls on.

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