Girl Talk, Friday

Girl Talk, Friday

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Within 30 minutes of arriving in Brussels, I turned into a pathetically lost American. My cell phone service, which was supposed to access coverage in most of Western Europe, failed to connect to a network.  Google Maps and Google Translate were useless. And, I had no paper backup map. I wondered for what seemed like hours through streets that all looked the same.

Tired, I stopped to scan the area for a potential guide. I saw a young impeccably dressed woman wearing a hijab. Her face had an open luminescence that I had not seen since I arrived on the Continent.  I found the courage to ask for directions in stilted French. ( I don't know what I would have done if she had answered me in any of the other languages floating in the air around me.)

33Where are you from?34

41United States. But I moved to Paris several months ago.42

49You came this far 50type51i52contents53type54b55contents56type57text58contents59alone 60type61text62contents63?64

During the five minute stroll to Grand Place she displayed the interview skills of Oprah. 


86Your french is good. You should have more confidence. Then you will practice more. And one day soon

I smiled.

101I want to go to New York City one day


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